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GRAVE SISTERS EPISODE TWO: The creepy and kooky sister of the Sound Sisters’ podcast. On this special Halloween episode the sisters, Angela RoseRed, Gaby Kaos, Drea Doll and Miss Kitty, go on their very first ghost hunt together to Tempe’s infamous watering hole and eatery Casey Moore’s Oyster house. Casey Moore’s is nationally known as a ghost hunter’s playground due to its high paranormal activity. Originally a house built by William Moeur in 1910, it has been rumored to once be a boarding house and a brothel before it became what it is known today. Sightings of a mysterious dark haired woman who disappears into thin air, as well as ghostly version of previous owners who dance into the wee hours of the night are some of the many rumored happenings. Week’s prior, the sisters had dinner with Geno Dellammorte and Matrick Swayze of Creepsville 666 in the upstairs dinning room, which is where most of the mysterious activity has taken place year after year. Listen as they discuss their experiences and even interview a current employee who had his own haunted interaction after closing time. Did Drea feel uneasy due to ghosts feeling restless by our presence? What happened when Gaby’s video camera went haywire the same time an orb was recorded on another device? What transpired as Kat grew more curiouser and curiouser while snapping polaroids? Did Angela actually document ghosts on her still photograph shots? Find out all this and more, plus the world premier of Creepsville 666 track, The Dearly Undead.

We as the Grave Sisters in no way claim to be professionals or experts in the topics we are about to discuss. We are simply bringing forth our personal experiences and perspectives. If you should decide to partake in any of the activities we cover, please reach out to someone beforehand who has is an expertise with credentials in these areas. In other words, don’t try this at home. Also, regardless of our individual beliefs on paranormal activity or the spiritual world we ultimately respect these subjects since they are scared to many. We truly mean no harm. This is not a parody, it’s simply our exploration on the subject.

Time to open the coffin.