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Quarantining With a Ghost? It’s Scary!

GRAVE SISTERS EPISODE FIVE: The creepy and kooky sister of the Sound Sisters’ podcast. For those who believe they’re locked down with spectral roommates, the pandemic has been less isolating than they bargained for. The sisters open the casket and discuss what’s been happening to them while in quarantine. Later, they are joined by director/creator of Camp Punksylvania, Laura Rose, who discusses her apartment ghost(s). The sisters then talk to their cousin-sister, Crystal Solage – who discusses seeing her cabinets open while she was half asleep in quarantine. 

We as the Grave Sisters in no way claim to be professionals or experts in the topics we are about to discuss. We are simply bringing forth our personal experiences and perspectives. If you should decide to partake in any of the activities we cover, please reach out to someone beforehand who has is an expertise with credentials in these areas. In other words, don’t try this at home. Also, regardless of our individual beliefs on paranormal activity or the spiritual world we ultimately respect these subjects since they are scared to many. We truly mean no harm. This is not a parody, it’s simply our exploration on the subject.

Time to open the coffin.