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Have you have ever heard a mysterious bump in the night?  Are you certain that the truth is really out there? Having troubles shaking the frightening feeling that there is more out there than what the eye can perceive? If so, then these inaugural episodes are for you. 

GRAVE SISTERS: The creepy and kooky sister of the Sound Sisters’ podcast. Sound Sisters Drea Doll, Gaby Kaos and Angela RoseRed have joined forces with fellow ghoul, adventure queen, and UFO extraordinaire, Miss Kitty of Miss Kitty Tattoo, to discuss all things spooky. These special episodes will focus on subjects such as supernatural, UFOs, Sasquatch, paranormal activity, conspiracy theories and everything in between. Prior to recording, the Grave Sisters will conduct an eerie or mysterious adventure or activity. They will start off the episode with an open coffin discussion, which will be an informal dialogue of any ghostly news, personal happenings or tales told from our listeners. 

This episode’s topic focuses on tarot card readings and mediums. Prior to recording, the Grave Sisters had received an intuitive tarot card reading conducted by a psychic medium with over 10 years experience and also had some fun in an Aura photo session. Each sister discusses their opinions on the topic and what went down with their individual readings. Later, they chat with Colleen Dolly Sinclair, owner of Siphon Draw Apothecary in Goldfield Ghost town. Sinclair has in-depth knowledge on the subject and clues in one of the sisters to an unseen ghost guest in the Sound Sisters’ studio. All this and more, on the very first creeptastic episode of the Grave Sisters podcast. 

Disclaimer: The Grave Sisters in no way claim to be experts in the topics they are about to discuss. They are simply bringing forth their experiences. If you should decide to partake in any of the activities they cover, please reach out to an expert in this area beforehand. In other words, don’t try this at home.  Also, regardless of our individual thoughts on the subjects of tarot Cards, mediums or divination readings of any kind, the Grave Sisters ultimately understand and respect that these are religious acts for different groups of people. They mean no harm and are not parodying these acts since they are sacred to many individuals. 

Time to open the coffin!!