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Sound Sisters 23 – She’s A Punk

The Sisters kick off this episode by paying respects to the #blacklivesmatter movement. They also discuss the importance of being vocal against the horrific racist events that are taking over America, and how crucial it is to promote unity. Later, they fall in virtual sisterly-love-at-first-sight with host/creator of She’s a Punk podcast, Siobhan Woodrow. She discusses how she overcame sexism in the radio industry, what it was like to interview Alice Bag, and how she found solidarity amongst fellow punk females in her quest to create the now celebrated DIY podcast. Siobhan also opens up on why she empathizes with America’s current societal state, while reflecting on how her own country, Canada, has its fair share of racism. The foursome go on to geek-out over Siobhan’s dream podcast interview list, which rightfully includes Patti Smith and Sisters of Mercy Patricia Morison. There are talks of Indiana Jones, with a side of lady boners for Lars and Matt Freeman. All this and more on the Sound Sisters first ever crossover episode with She’s a Punk Podcast. 

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