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Sound Sisters 25 – Brenna Red (The Last Gang)

The sisters kick off this episode with an insightful round table discussion on various ways to help your community during the pandemic. Later, Last Gang’s vocalist and guitarist Brenna Red joins in on the banter. The foursome chat about her songwriting process, how the band is creating  their newest album while social distancing, the ways they fiercely miss tour life, as well as touch on important issues like Indiana Jones and Del Taco’s secret menu. Plus, they geek out hardcore on Disneyland food must haves, rides, and how it use to be the youngster Cali punk rock hangout. There are so many topics covered, we had to break it up into two episodes! So grab your burrito and have a seat because you don’t want to miss part one of this very special Sound Sister episode featuring Brenna Red. 


Song “Turn The Record Over”