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Sound Sisters 32 – Riot Squad Media

The Sisters kick things off with a roundtable discussion focusing on the do’s and don’ts of rebranding. This episode’s guests have a lot of experience in this arena, Terry Smith and Laura Rose from Riot Squad Media join the conversation to chat about their insights on the topic. As previous hosts of Punksylvania, they authentically and transparently dig into how they crossed over into their new platform. They also talk about how their DIY female empowered collective / media firm provides a lot of PR, promotion, and support to punk musicians globally through their podcast as well as other Riot Squad branded outlets. Their fresh and polished new format is not only celebrated, but needed in a time where so many currently feel musically disconnected. There are talks of Camp Punksylvania, ghosts, females lifting each other up, how to collaborate in a long distance working relationship, Canada’s take on Trump, plus what type of sandwiches, and poutine they would be. To say many laughs and virtual hugs were had is an understatement. All this and more, on this riot-of-an-episode of the Sound Sisters podcast. read more


Quarantining With a Ghost? It’s Scary!

GRAVE SISTERS EPISODE FIVE: The creepy and kooky sister of the Sound Sisters’ podcast. For those who believe they’re locked down with spectral roommates, the pandemic has been less isolating than they bargained for. The sisters open the casket and discuss what’s been happening to them while in quarantine. Later, they are joined by director/creator of Camp Punksylvania, Laura Rose, who discusses her apartment ghost(s). The sisters then talk to their cousin-sister, Crystal Solage – who discusses seeing her cabinets open while she was half asleep in quarantine.  read more