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Sound Sisters 29 – Stephen ‘Psyko Steve’ Chilton

The Sound Sisters are all about supporting music venues, and in honor of this episode’s special guest they kick things off discussing their most memorable moments at Phoenix’s infamous staple The Mason Jar, now known as The Rebel Lounge. Later, they brought in Arizona veteran concert promoter  Stephen Chilton (owner of Psyko Steve Presents and The Rebel Lounge) to discuss his political efforts with NIVA: National Independent Venue Association. As a founder and one of the Vice Presidents, Steve fights alongside the rest of the board to help save independent  music venues through political activism. NIVA’s focus is securing financial support to preserve the national ecosystem of independent venues and promoters. He also chats with the Sisters about various promoter war stories, including how a well-known national band’s dumbassery almost caused a full on riot. Find out the name of that band and how you can help #saveourstages on this episode of the Sound Sister’s podcast! read more

Sound Sisters 27 – April “Schupe” Schupmann of Sniper 66

The Sisters kick off the episode with a topic that is near and dear to their black hearts: Ways to support live music establishments through organizations such as the National Independent Venue Association. Later, they brought in drummer April “Schupe” Schupmann from Sniper 66, Threes Away, Lizzie Boredom, Fight Plan….and more. Much emphasis on the “more” bands piece because when asked the grand total of her current music projects, April has officially lost count. Literally. To say many musical stories were told is an understatement. They also chat about her North Dakota UFO sighting and fangirling out over Joey Cape. Plus, she relives her Punk Rock Bowling nightmare realized, which ended with Pat Thetic from Anti-Flag mistaking a gear mishap for a leftfoot kick drum show off sesh. Find out how she pulled it off and more on this episode of the Sound Sisters Podcast!  read more